Astronomy Links

Astronomical Images

From Earth to the Universe Exhibition – FETTU is a collection of astronomical images that showcase the most dramatic views of our Universe. The images represent the incredible variety of astronomical objects.

TWAN – The World At Night– astrophotos celebrating the wonder of astronomy worldwide

Space Missions

All Current NASA Missions – A current alphabetical list with links to all the current NASA spacecraft missions.

MESSENGER – MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging – On January 14, 2008, more than three decades after the third Mariner 10 flyby, the last spacecraft visit of Mercury, MESSENGER passed 200 kilometers above Mercury’s surface.

Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn – NASA & JPL

Kepler and K2 – a search for habitable planets

DAWN – A mission to visit protoplanet Vesta, and dwarf planet Ceres

New Horizons – A mission to Pluto and beyond

Our Favorites

Canadian Astronomical Images – a collection of photos taken by both amateurs and professionals, celebrating the International Year of Astronomy 2009

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – RASC National Website

Astronomy Picture of the Day – astronomy through photographs – daily photo and description

News, Magazines, Gateways & Blogs

The Universe in Mind– Ivan Semeniuk’s Embedded Universe – weekly podcast & blog profiling scientists working on exploring the cosmos

Lunar Photo Of the Day – LPOD gives us a photo of our nearest celestial neighbour to look at every day

SkyNews Blogs – well-known Canadian astronomy authors keep us current

SpaceRef – Space News As It Happens

HubbleSite – images and lots of info about Hubble

SkyNews Magazine -The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing

Sky Publishing (Sky & Telescope)

Astronomy Magazine – NASA’s Space Weather Bureau – sunspots & Solar activity, aurora, meteors

The Weather Network · Stargazing · Thunder Bay, ON
Bad Astronomy Blog – debunking myths about astronomical subjects by Phill Plait
Astronomy Cast – weekly audio podcasts on a broad range of astronomy subjects

StarDate Online – weekly stargazing tips from the McDonald Observatory, University of Texas
The Sky This Month – star charts and narrative highlighting currently-visible celestial objects from RASC
Jack Horkheimer – Star Gazer – video download page
Heavens-Above – satellite predictions
North American All Sky Cameras – spotted a fireball?  Report it here.

Software & Astrophotography

JPL Solar System Simulator – generates views of any of our planets or their moons from any perspective
J-Track – track satellites
Stellarium – planetarium software (GNU General Public License)
Catching the Light – all about astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
Enjoy! Digital SLR camera – very informative intro into dSLRs, how to choose one and how to use them. Slanted toward Canon’s DSLRs, but still a good resource.  Website requires Adobe Flash.


North American Observatories – a listing by State/Province or a clickable map
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory- NASA
Canadian Space Agency – Canadian space technology and missions


Astronomy Buy & Sell – Canada-wide – buy or sell astronomy stuff in Canada
Astromart – buy or sell astronomy stuff to the US & Canada